What is Garden Euphoria?

This is my happy place. A personal blog that allows me to explore, share and celebrate the intriguing plants and garden spaces that beckon us.

You’ve been in this place before, right? It might have been a luscious grand garden, a cosy, intimate courtyard or the all-embracing canopy of a huge old tree. When all the right elements collide, you really can experience a moment of euphoria – that powerful feeling of elation when you step into a garden brimming with plants, take a deep breath, and exhale in pure bliss.

Even the simple act of working in the garden can generate its own euphoria – that ‘woo-hoo!’ moment when you stand back and admire your own hard work.

Then there are those little unexpected thrills – the promise of the bulging buds of a favourite plant about to flower, the glow of late afternoon light on the plumy heads of summer grasses, the intoxicating scent of an invisible blossom on the breeze…

Garden Euphoria is the place you can get inspired about amazing gardens and plants, but also have a laugh about some of the more curious things in horticulture and what happens when things don’t quite go to plan.

These are the views and experiences of a Melbourne-based garden addict – if they strike a chord with you, I will be tickled green. Enjoy.



About Kate Catterall

I’ve always been a writer and a gardener.

For a decade I wrote for business and government clients as a communications and PR consultant.

After years of dabbling in gardening for fun, I left my corporate career to study horticulture at Melbourne’s Burnley College. It was the most inspiring, indulgent year where I met dozens of garden nerds just like me. For the next decade I maintained, installed and designed suburban gardens, eventually running my own business.

My life has been more ‘In the Night Garden’ than the real garden in recent years while I’ve been busy raising two boys. But whenever I get the chance, I’m thinking about and looking at gardens – sometimes nearly rear-ending the car in front of me as I crane my neck to see what someone has planted in their front yard.

So, rather than let my thoughts and ideas about gardens go to waste, I’m sharing them with you here, and in the process becoming a writer again – but finally writing about something I love. Let’s see where this garden path leads us…